Political Parties

Election of 1st May, 1997
Party Votes Outcome
Labour 23922 Elected
Conservative 8736
Liberal Democrat 5920
People's Labour Party 488
Independent 256

More information about the 1997 General Election is available here.

Election of 7th Jun, 2001
Party Votes Outcome
Labour 19558 Elected
Conservative 6654
Liberal Democrat 5389
Green 1030
Socialist Alliance 709
UK Independence Party 378

More information about the 2001 General Election is available here.

Election of 5th May, 2005
Party Votes Outcome
Labour 15234 Elected
Liberal Democrat 8377
Conservative 7393
Green 1522
UK Independence Party 591
Independent 155

More information about the 2005 General Election is available here.

Election of 6th May, 2010
Party Votes Outcome
Labour 17511 Elected
Liberal Democrat 11095
Conservative 8928
UK Independence Party 1080
Green 562
British National Party 561
Christian Party 342
Independents Federation UK 80

More information about the 2010 General Election is available here.

Election of 7th May, 2015
Party Votes Outcome
Labour 23856 Elected
Conservative 8939
Green 2974
UK Independence Party 2341
Liberal Democrat 2304
Independent 289

More information about the 2015 General Election is available here.

The election result data we hold includes over three hundred party labels, so we have simplified them to these seven simple categories. Of course, most candidates in most elections, and almost every candidate who won, was standing for one of the main parties, but an enormous range of labels have been used by one or two candidates. These groupings have been defined based almost entirely on the party labels, rather than detailed research into party policies, but including words like 'Labour' or 'Conservative' in ...

your party label says a lot about where you stand, and even more about the people voting for you. 'Left' means broadly speaking candidates to the left of the Liberal or Labour parties, 'Right' candidates to the right of the Conservatives. 'Nationalist' means any kind of nationalist, even including Isle of Wight nationalists.

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