Descriptive gazetteer entries

These other entries in our collection of descriptive gazetteers are also about Annan. You may be able to find further references to Annan in the descriptive gazetteers by doing a full-text search here.

Place Type of entry Source
Annan a river Groome
Annan a royal and parliamentary burgh Groome
Annan river Bartholomew
Annandale the middle one of the three divisions of Dumfriesshire Groome
Annandale division of Dumfries-shire Bartholomew

This additional information from our descriptive gazetteers is for locations within the parish or parishes associated with Annan.

Place Type of entry Source
Battle-Hill an eminence Groome
Battle-Hill eminence Bartholomew
Bonshaw Tower an old mansion Groome
Crea, or Creca village Bartholomew
Howgill village Bartholomew
Howgill a village Groome
Kenziels a hamlet Groome
Kenziels hamlet Bartholomew
Lochfield a hamlet Groome
Mount Annan seat Bartholomew
Mount-Annan a mansion, with beautiful grounds Groome
Northfield an estate, with an elegant mansion Groome
Northfield seat Bartholomew
Warmanbie seat Bartholomew

Travel writing

This website includes the complete texts of books describing journeys around Britain, written between the twelfth and nineteenth centuries. Selecting one of the links below will take you to the first reference to Annan within the selected text. This will not always be a description of a visit: travellers often mention places other than where they are, for example as a basis for comparison.

Traveller Section No. of Refs.
Daniel Defoe Letter 12, Part 1: South-Western Scotland 3
George Head Carlisle and the Solway Firth 2
William Camden Scotland: South of the Antonine Wall 1
Robert Gammage To Scotland in 1843 1

This website includes two large libraries, of historical travel writing and of entries from nineteenth century gazetteers describing places. We have text from these sources available for these places near your location:

Place Mentioned in Travel Writing Mentioned in Hist. Gazetteer
Dornock 0 2
Brydekirk 0 3
Cummertrees 0 2
Bowness 7 2
Port Carlisle 3 2
Hoddom 0 2
Kirtlebridge 0 2
Irving 0 2
Ecclefechan 0 2
Browhouses 0 2
Eaglesfield 0 2
Birrens 0 2
Kirkpatrick Fleming 0 1
Whitrigg 0 1
Ruthwell 1 2
Middlebie 0 2
Drumburgh 0 2
Kirkconnel 0 2
Dalton 0 2
St Mungo 0 2