District-level data on Welsh language for 1891.

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W_LANG_1891     (6567599)
District-level data on Welsh language for 1891.
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Raw Data
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Humphrey Southall
Reporting units are identified by:
   Registration County
   Registration District
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. Taken from the Census Reports of England and Wales. 1891: Table 24 'Language spoken, in the Registration Division, Counties, and Districts' in 1891 Census Report volume 'Ages, Condition as to marriage, Occupations, Birthplaces and Infirmities'.


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IndexTypeColumn(s) indexed
w_lang_1891_pkey Primary key rec_num
w_lang_1891_idx Unique reg_cnty, reg_dist, rec_num


The table has the following associated constraints:

w_lang_1891_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

reg_cnty Text string (max.len.=44). Name of Registration county.
reg_dist Text string (max.len.=84). Name of Registration district.
tot_pop Integer number. Total population.
english Integer number. Speaking English only.
welsh Integer number. Speaking Welsh only.
english_welsh Integer number. Speaking both English and Welsh.
other_lang Integer number. Speaking other language.
no_statement Integer number. Number of people who made no statement about which language they spoke.
a_0_2 Integer number. Number of children aged under 3 years.
rec_num Integer number. Unique number identifying row in table.