Parish level statistics and polygons for England and Wales taken from the 1831 census for the London area.

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PAR_1831_EW_POLY1831_GLA     (6566650)
Parish level statistics and polygons for England and Wales taken from the 1831 census for the London area.
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Paula Aucott
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. The data originally appeared as the main tabulation in each of the county sections in the two volumes of the 1831 Enumeration Abstract.


  1. This table is notable firstly as the most systematic census listing of the 'ancient' administrative geography that existed prior to the introduction of the system of Registration Districts in 1837, and secondly as the most geographical detailed listing of occupational statistics published by a census for England and Wales. However, it should be noted that this was also the last census to be conducted by sending a form to parish priests, so the reliablity of the occupational and other statistics is open to question.
  2. This version of the 1831 census table is considered temporary. It includes only the registration counties closest to London as part of a consultancy covering the GLA area. It also includes polygon columns, which contain polygons relating to 1831 anicent parishes. The script creating this table does ad-hoc temporary changes to enable the two datasets to match within this table. It does not change any of the data permanently.


  1. All statistical data were checked by summing fields by county and comparing the result with county printed county summary data.
  2. The total number of families should equal the sum of the three types of family. 9 rows currently fail this check.
  3. The total population should equal the sum of males and females. 2 rows currently fail this check.
  4. The total number of males over 20 should equal the sum of the 9 categories of occupied males over 20. 33 rows currently fail this check.


We are extremely grateful to the following:

  1. David Allan Gatley: Dr. Gatley supplied this transcription to the database.


IndexTypeColumn(s) indexed
par_1831_ew_poly1831_gla_pkey Primary key rec_num
par_1831_ew_poly1831_gla_gunit_idx Unique anc_par_unit, rec_num


The table has the following associated constraints:

par_1831_ew_poly1831_gla_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index
enforce_dims_g_foot_etrs Check (st_ndims(g_foot_etrs) = 2)
enforce_dims_g_foot_gb Check (st_ndims(g_foot_gb) = 2)
enforce_geotype_g_foot_etrs Check ((geometrytype(g_foot_etrs) = 'MULTIPOLYGON'::text) OR (g_foot_etrs IS NULL))
enforce_geotype_g_foot_gb Check ((geometrytype(g_foot_gb) = 'MULTIPOLYGON'::text) OR (g_foot_gb IS NULL))
enforce_srid_g_foot_etrs Check (st_srid(g_foot_etrs) = 3034)
enforce_srid_g_foot_gb Check (st_srid(g_foot_gb) = 27700)

Columns within table:

area Floating point number. Area of the 'place', in 'Statute Acres'. NB in some cases the acreages of smaller units were combined.
fam_tot Integer number. Houses: Families.
inh_1831 Integer number. Houses: Inhabited.
bih_1831 Integer number. Houses: Building.
unh_1831 Integer number. Houses: Uninhabited.
fam_ag Integer number. Occupations: Families chiefly employed in Agriculture.
fam_trade Integer number. Occupations: Families chiefly employed in Trade, Manufactures, and Handicraft.
fam_other Integer number. Occupations: All other Families not comprised in the two preceding Classes.
ma_1831 Integer number. Persons: Males.
fe_1831 Integer number. Persons: Females.
pop_1831 Integer number. Persons: Total of Persons.
em_tot Integer number. Persons: Males Twenty Years of Age.
em_ag_empl Integer number. Agriculture: Occupiers employing Labourers.
em_ag_noemp Integer number. Agriculture: Occupiers not employing Labourers.
em_ag_lab Integer number. Agriculture: Labourers employed in Agriculture.
em_manuf Integer number. Employed in Manufacture, or in making Manufacturing Machinery.
em_trade Integer number. Employed in Retail Trade, or in Handicrafts as Masters or Workmen.
em_prof Integer number. Capitalists, Bankers, Professional and other Educated Men.
em_lab Integer number. Labourers employed in Labour not Agricultural.
em_other Integer number. Other Males 20 Years of Age (except Servants).
em_serv Integer number. Male Servants: 20 Years of Age.
boy_serv Integer number. Male Servants: Under 20 Years.
fem_serv Integer number. Female Servants.
nation_unit Integer number. ID number for the Nation (i.e. England or Wales) covering this row of the data, as defined in the GBH Administrative Unit Ontology. Derived from Ancient County.
anc_par_unit Integer number. ID number for the Ancient Parish covering this row of the data, as defined in the GBH Administrative Unit Ontology.
rec_num Integer number. Sequence number to keep rows in their original order, added on loading the data into GBHDB.
g_foot_gb geometry Polygon co-ordinates in OS National Grid.
g_foot_etrs geometry Polygon co-ordinates in ETRS-89.