1951 Census of England and Wales, County Report (Sample Report Title: Census 1951: England and Wales: County Report: Buckinghamshire), Table 14 : " Private Households according to possession of certain Household Arrangements - Abridged Analysis for Urban Areas with population of less than 50,000, RD".

List for top level Cardiff

List for Glamorgan AdmC

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Household Type Total Number of Households
Households with Household Arrangements as follows-- (E = having exclusive use; S = sharing with another household; N = entirely without)
Piped Water
Cooking Stove
Kitchen Sink
Water Closet
Fixed Bath
All five arrangements E
Stove E, Sink E
Bath S or N, other four arrangements E
Sink S or N, Water Closet S or N
Cardiff CB Total   All Households. 72,178 Show data context 23,023 Show data context 377 Show data context 14,107 Show data context 568 Show data context 16,626 Show data context 1,592 Show data context 21,561 Show data context 330 Show data context 15,135 Show data context 20,322 Show data context 34,702 Show data context 53,685 Show data context 10,849 Show data context 17,424 Show data context
    26,313 Show data context 19,964 Show data context 138 Show data context 13,314 Show data context 434 Show data context 15,678 Show data context 1,085 Show data context 20,273 Show data context 140 Show data context 14,237 Show data context 8,839 Show data context 2,270 Show data context 9,365 Show data context 1,372 Show data context 16,397 Show data context

No data for lower-level units are available.


1 This table is a combination of Table 14 and Table 13 in the county reports. The row and column labels have been taken from Table 14 as the geographically more detailed table. Table 13 has been selectively transcribed to match the information available in Table 14.


The following notes to the table appeared in the original report.

1 For definitions, etc., see pp.vii, xvi and xxiv.
2 Private households enumerated on houseboats are omitted from this table.

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