1911 Census of England and Wales, Census Returns of England and Wales, 1911, giving details of Areas, Houses, Families or separate occupiers, and Population:- Occupations and Industries, Part I, Table 15 A : " Grouped occupations of Males and Females aged 10 years and upwards, in Administrative Counties, County Boroughs, Metropolitan Boroughs, Urban Districts of which the population exceeded 5,000 persons, aggregates of other Urban Districts, and aggregates of Rural Districts; also proportion per 1,000 of unmarried, married, widowed, and of married and widowed women engaged in occupations, and proportion of female domestic servants to separate occupiers or families, 1911 - Males".

List Glamorgan AdmC Cardiff CB  
Occupation Males
Total Occupied or Unoccupied. 69,889 Show data context
Retired or Unoccupied. 10,772 Show data context
Engaged in occupations (Orders I-XXII). 59,117 Show data context
I. General or Local Government. 1,541 Show data context
II. Defence of the Country. 215 Show data context
III. Professional Occupations and their Subordinate Services. 2,134 Show data context
IV. 2. Domestic Outdoor Service. 198 Show data context
IV. 1, 3. Domestic Indoor and Other Service. 723 Show data context
V. 1, 3, 4. Merchants, Agents, Accountants; Banking, etc.; Insurance. 2,449 Show data context
V. 2. Commercial or Business Clerks. 3,111 Show data context
VI. Conveyance of Men, Goods, and Messages: On Railways. 3,980 Show data context
VI. Conveyance of Men, Goods, and Messages: On Roads. 2,427 Show data context
VI. Conveyance of Men, Goods, and Messages: On Seas, Rivers, and Canals. 4,271 Show data context
VI. Conveyance of Men, Goods, and Messages: Dock Labourers, Wharf Labourers, Coalheavers; Coal--Porters, Labourers. 4,751 Show data context
VI. Conveyance of Men, Goods, and Messages: Messengers, Porters, Watchmen (not Railway or Government). 1,468 Show data context
VI. Conveyance of Men, Goods, and Messages: Others in Conveyance of Men, Goods, and Messages. 804 Show data context
VII. Agriculture - On Farms, Woods, and Gardens. 431 Show data context
IX. 1. Coal and Shale Mine - Workers (including Mine Service). 672 Show data context
IX. 1. Others working in and about, and in the products of, Mines and Quarries. 332 Show data context
X. 3. General Engineering, and Machine Making. 3,490 Show data context
X. 1, 2, 5-8. Iron, Steel, etc. Manufacture; Tools; Dies, etc.; Arms; Misc. Metal Trades. 1,227 Show data context
X. 4. Electrical Apparatus. 423 Show data context
X. 9. Ships and Boats. 1,496 Show data context
X. 10. Cycles, Coaches, and other Vehicles. 1,006 Show data context
XI. Precious Metals, Jewels, Watches, Instruments, and Games. 350 Show data context
XII. Building, and Works of Construction. 5,012 Show data context
XIII. Wood, Furniture, Fittings, and Decorations. 1,609 Show data context
XIV. 1. Brick, Plain Tile, Terra-Cotta - Makers. 80 Show data context
XIV. 1. Earthenware, China, Porcelain, Glass - Manufacture. 19 Show data context
XV. Chemicals, Explosives, Oil, Grease, Soap, etc. 407 Show data context
XVI. 1, 2. Skins, Leather, Saddlery, and Harness. 123 Show data context
XVII. 2. Printers and Lithographers. 640 Show data context
XVII. 1, 2. Others in Paper, Prints, Books, and Stationery (excluding Stationers, Booksellers, Publishers, Newspaper Agents, and other Dealers). 311 Show data context
XVIII. 1-5. Textile Manufactures. 80 Show data context
XVIII. 6. Textile Bleaching, Printing, Dyeing, etc. 29 Show data context
XIX. 1. Tailors. 672 Show data context
XIX. 1. Boot, Shoe, Slipper, Patten, Clog - Makers. 404 Show data context
XIX. 1. Other Workers in Dress. 336 Show data context
XVIII. 7. Drapers, Linen Drapers, Mercers. XIX. 1. Dealers in Dress. 948 Show data context
XX. Food, Tobacco, Drink, and Lodging. 5,587 Show data context
XXII. 5. General Labourers; Factory Labourers (undefined). 1,708 Show data context
All Other Occupations. 3,653 Show data context

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